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The Manly Men Liberation Front's Journal
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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
9:06 pm
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
7:25 am

As promised, almost forgot about doing it, what with all this working and crap. But as Spunky likes a good dump, here you are, feast your eyes, on.... THE BEAST (and no I don't mean Spunky's Computer ;))

Fully "Logo'd" up too, dunno if that Serial Number is right, but who cares, looks amazing... (G&P Variants have those Resin Filled, seems they didn't get Colt's permission lol)

The "Business End" heh

MmmmMMmmm... Openlol

Yup, thats a Steel Barrel - no plastic here, oh no :P

Only downside is that the Full Metal ICS RIS Grip won't allow the Battery in, so I've ordered a Battery Sling, HATE those Battery PEQ Laser housings, look aweful tbh, plus they add all that weight onto "my" left hand, think it has enough weight on it with the M203 without a Large type battery on it too (been pumping some Iron lately, and lifting it up to take the pictures it felt a LOT lighter than before....). Plus with a battery sling it totally removes the battery weight from the gun, and stick it on my back instead...... sounds like a plan (for those who don't know, Battery sling is just a 3 point tactical sling, where the battery is sat ON the sling, in a bag on your back, with a cable dropping down one side of the sling).

There you go....

I'll leave you all for a bit, while you absorb and fap over those photo's for a while, and Spunky.... wipe your lip.... your drooling :P


Current Mood: crazy
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
5:03 pm
Hmmm...Do I save up and get what will essentially be a TINY tricked out PDW yet with the power and accuracy of a rifle or do I save £300 and several months and just get the normal one... Maybe I'll just get the standard one now and get an upgraded one later... *salivates*

[1] MP5k PDW £144
[2]xpack £100
[3]Full internal upgrade £125 [328 feet per second]
[4]High grade barrel £60 [accurancy]
[5]cheekpiece £44
[6]Milspex shoulder holster/sling £22
[7]delivery £10

TOTAL: £503

If Danjo posts up pics and a price I can always buy his for the time being if hes trying to shift it on the cheap?
Monday, June 18th, 2007
7:55 pm
Bought an ICS M4 :D, full ICS set up,

Pics to follow

I've been a bad bad boy :P

Also got the Star rifle case at the same time, and another sling for it (ICS Sling, probably fit better than the TM one, plus if anyone wants to borrow the SIG552 or the M4 they can have a sling too).

Might set up my own hire company :D (j/k :P)

BTW Neil, you going on the 24th or not (can't see your name on the booking thread)? If you will I will, got a lot more funds than I thought ;)

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
11:18 am
i got my radio gear today and its pretty sweet, only problem is the headset doesnt fit the radio jacks so I've had to order a special throat mic from america which will take ages to get here [although is cooler] Seemingly the only company that has to have a special 1 pin plug >: O

are liam and sven and rei and that coming on sunday too? Get them in Urban if they are :D
Monday, June 11th, 2007
5:46 pm
2:59 pm
I just splashed out on a set of Cobra MT550 2way radios and a headset. So assuming they arrive in time for the 17th if someone else wants me to bring the spare one for them to use then I'll do that, although you'll need your own headset if you don't like using without one as I only have one.

Neil you mentioned that you guys already had radio sets I think?
Saturday, June 9th, 2007
3:30 pm
Where are we?
Well, we have the game on the 10th. Attendees are:

Dan/All Action Hero


I think we are all gona try and wear some form of DPM. The weather looks to be good so don't wear too much!

Then theres June 17th match, this has no hire spaces left and looks to be more of a "mess about" since its got hire players. I was wondering if peopel goign would liek to go all out terrorist for this? Who else is going to that?
Friday, June 8th, 2007
8:48 pm
Little info
Also this weekend, i think the theme is DPM but i'm _very_ tempted to put some desert trousers on with a shirt and a shimag for a proper terrorist day out...

Arg decisions!
11:59 am
So yeah, me and Za are really cool and have these dog tags for our team.

Yeah, we're cool. Yeah.

DOB: 0-0-0
NO. 324??

Friday, June 1st, 2007
10:36 am
Received my Glock19 in the post today. Man is it smaller than I thought it would be, its quite alot smaller than the G17 was. This is good for my purposes though! Weight is good - slightly above the actual one, but its very light - so with FAMAS & G19 I'm not loaded down with heavy crap like some of the other players. The recoil is pretty chunky too. I did some groupings this morning and the hop up didn't even need adjusting cos it was dead on. Veeery good power and midrange, reminds me alot of the SiG PRO. A zilion times more comfier for me to hold compared to the Eagle 5.1 & Beretta 92s that I've used so far which were way too big and heavy. Looking forward to the 17th when I actually get to use it in the field >:D

Current Mood: giddy
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
11:36 am
I can't make the pistol match this weekend cause i'm at Za's. Just incase anyone else is going.
Monday, May 28th, 2007
5:16 pm
My TM eagle 5.1 is now extremely borked due to green gas use so in preparation for the 17th I am getting a new handgun tommorrow. I am strongly leaning toward the following:

KWA Glock 19 [Metal Slide Version]

I can't seem to find any negative stuff on it on the internet, any opinions?

Also, if you know anywhere online that sells MAC 10/11's new, link me and I might use one of those as a sidearm instead ;)

Wish I could make the 10th, but alas, moving week.
Sunday, May 27th, 2007
5:29 pm
Me in Kit lol
I got bored and thought I'd see what it felt like having all my kit on... and while I was there I thought Pictures were needed :D




See you guys on the 10th >:D


Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
7:21 pm

Well, after a while of waiting, they have arrived :D (not that long though, to say they came from Hong Kong)

Figured out that there was a customs charge early in the Process from the Parcel Farce website, so I was "semi" ready for it (Curse you RBS, long story). Finally figured out I could collect it from the Rotherham Depot of PF, which is Next door to Park Gate Retail World. Had a jolly little drive down collecting Danny on the way.

Got there, paid the customs in cash, and left (in a nutshell). Danny enquired about his first parcel from Hong Kong and they gave a crappy excuse about it not being in the country yet... sigh.

To Answer your question though Danny - The guns have cost me, including Delivery and Customs charges:

SIG 552 = £141.38
SIG P226 = £92.77

So I saved by far the most on the Rifle, pistol not so much.

Anyway, onto the reason your all still reading this.... 


And the Motherload :D

The Mag's etc

Oh yeah, now THATS a charger :D

Then put all that together.....

[Me with all my kit on plus the Gun's - will be tommorow morning - about 8AM]

Thats my "Digital ACU" Camo, but I also have the same kit but in "Digital Woodland" in case there are any Camo restrictions in place, I can be on either team then :)

See you all on the 10th June, or sooner I'd imagine.... off work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Do feel free to come round and marvel at the comedy that is.... Matts World of SiGARMS :D (I'm all Navy SEAL'ed Up XD). I would bring it with me if I came to yours Neil, but you see I have no gun case yet. You own a car though don't you? And I'm sure you know where I live :P (don't worry, I'll hide the Dog for you.... the Dog that is softer than you I may add :P).

Don't suppose I can borrow anyone's Gas can I? Prefferably 134a Summer Gas as I'm unsure as to wether it can take the Green atm. I'm only talking say 1-2 Mags full of Gas.... just to make sure it all works ok? (and a bit of messing heh)

EDIT: Lool, just scribled down plans for a pretty simple Homemade Target :). Will update on that as I go - should work pretty well and be re-usable, going to build it 2moro, hopefully should withstand AEG BB hits too :) (just need someone with a +300fps AEG to test it :)). Should perfectly collect and hold as many BB's as you can fit in an AEG. Just hope I have some spray adhesive somewhere lol.

EDIT2: OOOOH yeah, Pictures Added :D - enjoy....


Current Mood: ecstatic
4:18 pm
armor testing
with much pleasure the world of warcraft box was tested by Matt to see how well it withstud BB's

heres a couple of pretty bad phone camera pics of what happened to the box with the front cover open... sadly with the cover closed the box was just too strong for bb's to penetrate!!!

9:41 am
Airsoft on sunday
A sudden thought has just crossed my mind... who is going to airsoft on sunday? >_> Other than me
12:09 am
17th would be fun if we all went as phoenix connection.

My next gun will be an ingram MAC of some description >:D
12:02 am

Seems my parcel from Hong Kong is in the Rotherham East Depot of Parcel Force awaiting Customs payments :D

Could have my guns in time for the 27th :D - may atteampt a very late booking onto the list :D.

Going to try and blag my Mum into paying for the Customs charges, hoping it's going to be around £20 so it's not too bad but I don't get paid until Friday, and I'm currently skint lol.

Shall let you guys know whats happening :D


Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
1:46 pm
10th and 17th June sign up are now available.

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